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Plastic Bank Foundation

Building a greener world by supporting communities to collect and recycle plastic waste.

Plastic Bank Foundation

The Plastic Bank Foundation is a Canadian not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and empowering communities who are collecting ocean-bound plastic waste for recycling.

We are currently working with communities in Cameroon, Egypt, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Dual Missions:
Addressing Poverty to Create a Cleaner Ocean

We are committed to creating a greener world and healthier ocean by supporting communities with social programs and creating financial inclusion opportunities in the circular economy via the collection of ocean-bound plastic.

Our Key Focus Areas

Food Security
Financial Empowerment

Advocating for Greener Policies

We must do more to decrease our reliance on single-use plastics and increase the use of non-virgin plastics. Through our advocacy and lobbying activities, we will work with policy makers, consumers and companies to insist that we transition towards recycled plastic and other alternatives to new plastic production.

Our Team

Daniel Rotman

Executive Director

Daniel is an experienced and passionate advocate for social change. With more than 15 years working with non-profit organizations and social enterprises, Daniel has developed numerous creative, inclusive and human solutions to address systemic and structural challenges. He has worked internationally with the United Nations and dozens of organizations as a consultant and director and graduated from HEC Paris and IESE in Barcelona with a MBA and focus in social entrepreneurship. Daniel is proud to combine his passion for ocean stewardship and anti-poverty work at the Plastic Bank Foundation.

Andrea Bendijo
Philippines Country Manager

Andrea “Drey” has extensive experience in community development in Gawad Kalinga managing various regional and nationwide community transformational programs. Her lifelong goal is ending poverty in the Philippines. Drey holds a degree in engineering with a major in manufacturing and is a licensed chemical technicianShe has worked with SGS Gulf Limited ROHQ and other retail corporations and FMCGs. Drey loves traveling and mountain climbing in different parts of the Philippines and abroad.

Annisa Fauziah
Indonesia Country Manager

Annisa is a highly motivated social entrepreneur with a strong focus on social impact and education. With a background in Business Management, she embarked on a mission to effect positive change within the business industry. Currently, her dedication lies in improving the lives of underprivileged individuals within the recycling sector. Leveraging her extensive experience in developing social enterprises, fostering partnerships, organizing community events, and implementing programs, Annisa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her endeavors.

Ezzat Naeim
Egypt Country Manager

Ezzat is passionate about building bridges to a brighter economic future for the garbage collectors community in Cairo. Having grown up in the “Zabaleen” (garbage collector) community, Ezzat has been a spokesperson and advocate for garbage collectors, founding the first-ever union for the Zabaleen as well as an award-winning NGO, the Spirit of Youth Association and Recycling School. With over 30 years of experience fighting for the rights and recognition of Cairo’s garbage collecting community, Ezzat is proud to continue to contribute to creating economic opportunity, social programs and enviornmental justice with the Plastic Bank Foundation.

Kirman Alamsyah
Program Coordinator

Kirman is passionate about social activities and community development. With more than seven years working experience in community development, he has dedicated himself to continuously making a positive impact in his community, including founding an organization that helps improve childrens access to adequate educational facilities. With the Plastic Bank Foundation, Kirman wants to continue his work contributing to creating positive social impact.

Maryan Marzouk
Program Coordinator

After graduating university with a degree in tourism and hotels, Maryan pursued a career in community development work. Over the past 13 years, Maryan has held many positions the field, including field coordinator, team leader, supervisor, and program and marketing coordinator. In her current role as Program Coordinator, she is responsible for supervising the everyday operations of programs and supporting program goals. Maryan is very ambitious and loves to face challenges and dreams of learning many languages and traveling all over the world to learn from new experiences.

Sharrie Espiritu
Program Coordinator

Before joining the Plastic Bank Foundation, Sharrie “Sha” was a teaching professional for six years in a Jesuit Mission School in one of Philippine’s provinces. She has expertise in teaching language and literature, as well as qualitative research. Sha is purpose-driven and aims to create lasting impact on the world. She believes that to end social problems, one has to pinpoint the causes and structures that make it impossible for marginalized communities to thrive.Sha, when not working, loves to go to museums, cafes, and bookstores. She is also fond of reading self-help books.

Shifa Paramitha
Program Coordinator

Shifa is a data lover with a passion for sustainability and community empowerment. Inspired during her time in the tourism industry, she observed the profound impact on society and nature. Now, Shifa focuses on improving the lives of communities, especially within the recycling sector, using data-driven insights. With a deep appreciation for data, she strives to create a more equitable and eco-conscious world.

Our Board

Marie-Eve Schroeder
Director of Sales DACH at Facebook
Tamsin Plaxton
President & Co-Founder of The Tamwood Education Group
Jeff Duncan
President & CEO of Meetingmax

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